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Our team has many years of participating and managing massive events in CR. 

The Intrepid Challenge is an arduous Obstacle Course Race, held in Costa Rica’s most beautiful and exotic landscapes. Race 1 Volume 1, was held 4-6000ft up in the tropical cloud forests of Cartago.

Designed to test your real-world fitness, there are dozens of challenging man-made and natural obstacles waiting for you. Participating in The Intrepid Challenge, you can expect to run, climb, jump, crawl, swim, paddle, row, shoot, aim, carry, lift, balance and scramble to achieve your ultimate goal of completing your race.

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After the success of our inaugural 3 events which took place from Sunday 11th of September 2016 in the Tropical Cloud Forest of Cartago and then at Las Catalinas in May 2017 and then again in December at Finca La Angelina, Ochomogo, Cartago with over 1,000 contestants registered in total, we have successfully run and organized, annual events at Las Catalinas and also in home site, in Orosi, Cartago. This will be the site of our ONLY event of 2020.

Usually, we run a Volume of 3 events per year. Where each Volume involves 1 race in 3 different and exotic locations, The Beach, A Volcano and a Tropical Rain Forest.



“This is the most exciting race I have ever done here in Costa Rica. I hope to be able to do your next one”

Juan Suarez

“I have done lots of races before all around the world and this was certainly one of the best organized races and certainly most fun, thank you Intrepid Challenge”

Stacy Waller

So much fun, so tough, but I would do it again.”

Carlos Danilo

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