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The Intrepid Challenge is an arduous Obstacle Course Race, designed to test your real-world Fitness! There are dozens of challenging man-made and natural obstacles waiting for you.

High up between 4 – 6,000 ft you can expect to climb, jump, crawl, carry, drag, balance, lift and scramble. 

After the success of our inaugural event which took place on Sunday 11th of September in the Tropical Cloud Forest of Cartago, with over 200 contestants, we are proud to announce the second race of “The Intrepid Challenge Series”.

Each Volume involves 2 races in 3 different and exotic locations.


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The Intrepid Challenge – Vol. 1


Race 2

LOCATION: Las Catalinas (http://www.lascatalinascr.com), 

Danta Beach,


Costa Rica

DATE: Sunday 7th of May, 2017.





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We normally offer three different distances to fit every athlete:





Place: Las Catalinas

Danta Beach,


Costa Rica.


DATE: Sunday 7th May, 2017.




  • We will be running 2 distances 8+ km & 16+ km.

  • Each distance will have over 15 (Thrill 8+km) & 30 (Dare Devil 16+km) natural and man-made obstacles.

  • However, Only the top (first) 20% of finishers from race 1 will qualify to compete in the more advanced Dare Devil Distance race within the Volume 1 series of races (the first 6 races).

  • All other finishers will need to compete again and finish in the top 20 percent to progress to the Dare Devil stages of the Intrepid Challenge series of races.

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8+ km, 15+ Man made & Natural Obstacles & Challenges

Fastest Finisher: around 60 minutes


This race is designed to fit all levels of fitness, nonetheless it won’t be a walk in park – you will be tested!


Dare Devil

16+ km, 30+ Man made & Natural Obstacles & Challenges

Fastest Finisher: around 120 minutes


This one is for all the dare devils out there! You are used to working out and training hard, you did some races before – you are fit! Find your new challenge in the Dare Devil!



25+ km, 40+ Man made & Natural Obstacles & Challenges

Fastest Finisher: around 190 minutes


This is it – the true test of mental and physical toughness! Don’t expect to complete all challenges, but always give your very best and you might see the finish line!

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(The Intrepid Challenge – Vol. 2)


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